Spin Science Grand Opening

Spin Science is the new Tech Tiles, and my website is now www.SpinScience.Xyz. Grand Opening is Thursday, October 22nd. I’ll be doing a giveaway and offering my first products at 10% off. I would love if everyone would share my Grand Opening post on Thursday. You’ll be automatically entered into the contest. If you’ve been waiting to get a poster, hoodie, t-shirt, or tank top, that would be a great time. Feel free to share this post, and MAKE SURE to share this Thursday! Thanks a bunch and don’t forget to check out the animations and images I have up! Click on an image below to visit that flower family’s page!

Spin Science - 1 to 1 Club Transitions - 0 Petal Inspin and 2 Petal Antispin Spin Science - 1 to 2 Club Transitions - 1 Petal Inspin and 3 Petal AntispinSpin Science - 1 to 3 Club Transitions - 2 Petal Inspin and 4 Petal AntispinSpin Science - 1 to 4 Club Transitions - 3 Petal Inspin and 5 Petal AntispinSpin Science - 1 to 5 Club Transitions - 4 Petal Inspin and 6 Petal Antispin