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Jonah Meme #3

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Jonah Meme – 3

CAP Definition for Poi Chat and Tech Poi

I made this animation for a discussion in Poi Chat about CAPs (Continuous Assembly Patterns)

3 definitions for CAP:

1. CAP most often refers to the combined shape of extension and diamond antispin where the hand(s) reverse direction every half circle… changing from inspin to antispin (the prop doesn’t reverse direction so the relationship between the hand and the prop change.

2. CAP can also refer to the C-cap hand path described above, combining shapes other than Extension and Diamond Antispin. 
The pattern in this animation is Box Antispin transitioning into 2 petal inspin (vertical).

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3. CAP as it was originally intended stands for Continuous Assembly Pattern, and means ANY PATTERN THAT COMBINES DIFFERENT STUFF AND REPEATS…. so there’s 8 step caps and 40 step caps and…. WHAT CAN YOU MAKE THAT REPEATS (that is more than a single pattern)? That’s a cap.

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RIDE THE WAVE: November Club Work.

Spin Science Grand Opening

Spin Science is the new Tech Tiles, and my website is now www.SpinScience.Xyz. Grand Opening is Thursday, October 22nd. I’ll be doing a giveaway and offering my first products at 10% off. I would love if everyone would share my Grand Opening post on Thursday. You’ll be automatically entered into the contest. If you’ve been waiting to get a poster, hoodie, t-shirt, or tank top, that would be a great time. Feel free to share this post, and MAKE SURE to share this Thursday! Thanks a bunch and don’t forget to check out the animations and images I have up! Click on an image below to visit that flower family’s page!

Spin Science - 1 to 1 Club Transitions - 0 Petal Inspin and 2 Petal Antispin Spin Science - 1 to 2 Club Transitions - 1 Petal Inspin and 3 Petal AntispinSpin Science - 1 to 3 Club Transitions - 2 Petal Inspin and 4 Petal AntispinSpin Science - 1 to 4 Club Transitions - 3 Petal Inspin and 5 Petal AntispinSpin Science - 1 to 5 Club Transitions - 4 Petal Inspin and 6 Petal Antispin