Flower- The prop rotates around the hand while the hand rotates around the shoulder.
    If the hand and prop both rotate clockwise or both rotate counter-clockwise, that’s called an Inspin flower.
    If the hand rotates clockwise and prop spins counter-clockwise (or vice versa), that’s an Antispin flower.
    1:X~ The ratio of Hand Speed to Prop Speed. The higher the prop speed, the more petals on the flower.
    Inspin has one less petal than the prop speed. Antispin has one more petal than the prop speed.

    Each flower can be done with either hand. Practice one hand at a time to get comfortable. Don’t forget your “silly” hand.
    Practice moving each hand both clockwise and counterclockwise. We call that “both hands, both ways.”
    Turning our hips to the side, we get a wheel plane orientation, and our arm circles feel like rolling forward and backward instead of clockwise and counterclockwise.
    If we practice all these ways, we can turn in circles and move freely in space while creating pleasing geometry.
    If we do different flowers with each hand, that’s called a Hybrid!

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