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Years of research, beautifully presented.


2011-13 – Shape Matrix, 3D Arm Paths,  and more.

Spin Science Simulator

For each hand and each prop you choose:

      • The starting position
      • The speed of hand and prop
      • The direction the hand or prop is rotating (inspin, antispin, same direction, opposite direction)
      • The plane in which the hand or prop is rotating.

Press play and click buttons to transition!

My mission is to help you


About Me

Artist | Educator | Entertainer

I started getting really serious about props and spinning them around and letting go and catching them.

Now I want to know all the ways to move people and things in space, and put it on this website.

Lorq is my real name. I am named after a science-fiction hero– Captain Lorq Von Ray from the book Nova.

You’re welcome (in advance) for all the blood, sweat, and … mostly sweat … that’s been poured into SpinScience.Xyz.

  • Juggler

  • Prop Spinner

  • Dancer

  • Clown

Spin Science 1 to 1 Flowers - 0 Petal Inspin and 2 Petal Antispin
Spin Science 1 to 2 Flowers - 1 Petal Inspin and 3 Petal Antispin
Spin Science 1 to 3 Flowers - 2 Petal Inspin and 4 Petal Antispin
Spin Science 1 to 4 Flowers - 3 Petal Inspin and 5 Petal Antispin
Spin Science 1 to 5 Flowers - 4 Petal Inspin and 6 Petal Antispin