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Spin Ratio: How many times the hand spins for how many times the prop spins.
Animations of flowers by family.


Shape Matrix, 3D Arm Paths,  and more.


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Spin Science Simulator

For each hand and each prop you choose:

      • The starting position
      • The speed of hand and prop
      • The direction the hand or prop is rotating (inspin, antispin, same direction, opposite direction)
      • The plane in which the hand or prop is rotating.

Press play and click buttons to transition!


Create clear and accurate visual aids
to help you learn flow arts and juggling.

About Me

Artist | Designer | Educator

I started getting really serious about props and spinning them around and letting go and catching them.

Now I want to know all the ways to move people and things in space, and put it on SpinScience.Xyz.

Lorq is my real name. I am named after a science-fiction hero– Captain Lorq Von Ray from the book Nova.

  • Artist

  • Educator

  • Movement Mapper

  • Designer