..:: 9 ARM FACINGS ::..

Two arms can face 9 ways on 3 axes.  They can face the same direction on an axis (Together),  face opposite directions on an axis (called Split), or each hand can face a dfferent axis (called being in an ‘L’)


1. Together Up/Down
2. Together Left/Right
3. Together Front/Back
4. Split Up/Down
5. Split Left/Right
6. Split Forward/Back
7. L Addressing Wall
8. L Addressing Wheel
9. L Addressing Floor


1. Together Up/Down– YELLOW circle with YELLOW highlighter
2. Together Left/Right– BLUE circle with YELLOW highlighter
3. Together Front/Back– RED circle with YELLOW highlighter
4. Split Up/Down– YELLOW circle with PINK highlighter
5. Split Left/Right– BLUE circle with PINK highlighter
6. Split Forward/Back– RED circle with PINK highlighter
7. L Addressing Wall– GREEN circle
8. L Addressing Wheel– ORANGE circle
9. L Addressing Floor– PURPLE circle



Variations of Arm Facing– Split and Together on 3 axes

There are 2 variations of split or together arm facings.  Together Up/Down is together up and together down.  Together Front/Back is Together Front and Together Back.  Split Left/Right is split with the arms open and split with the arms crossed.  Split Front/Back is split with the left hand front/right hand back or the right hand front/left hand back.

Variations of Arm Facing– Addressing Planes:  4 Quadrants Per Plane

We can say when our arms are addressing a plane, there are 4 quadrants they can address.  In wall plane we can address: Up/Right, Down/Left, Down/Right, and Up/left, labeled on the left column in the illustration below.



Face:  point to

Arm Facing:  The direction the arms point as they cross a reference point—they can both face the same way on an axis (together), face different directions on an axis (split), or point toward two axes (in an ‘L’).  Every arm path travels through two arm facings.

Together:  Arms facing the same direction on an axis.

SplitArms facing different directions on an axis.

‘L’:  Arms pointing toward two axes (arms make a 90 degree angle and an ‘L’ shape)

Variation:  One of multiple ways to perform a facing, path, or pattern.