::3 AXES::

Axis (plural: axes):  Imaginary line running through the body (up/down, left/right, or forward/back).  Axes stay stationary relative to an audience when your body moves in circles.

Up/Down Axis (U/D):  An imaginary line running from a point above your head to a point beneath your feet.

Left/Right Axis (L/R):  An imaginary line running from side to side when facing the audience.

Forward/Back Axis (F/B) :  An imaginary line running from the audience to a point directly behind you when you face the audience.

3 AXES: Up/Down, Left/Right, and Forward/Back

The drawings above represents 3-dimensional space around your body. . . anybody’s body!

If you trace a line UP/DOWN like a lightsaber from your crown of your head to your tailbone and between your heels, that’s the Up/Down axis (Y), and it’s YELLOW!

Now trace a line FORWARD/BACK from a imaginary point in front of your heart to some place right behind you.  That’s the FORWARD/BACK AXIS (Z), and it’s Red!

The LEFT/RIGHT AXIS (X) is Blue.  This teaching assumes an audience, so that when you’re facing the audience, the left/right axis is the same as when you turn in circles.

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